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Heather Dawn Brown

Heather Dawn Brown

Heather Dawn Brown LL.B (Honors), Certificate in Legal Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, University of West Indies.

Heather Dawn Brown is an attorney-at-law with over thirty (30) years experience in both the public and private bar. She commenced practice as a Clerk of the Court in the St. Andrew Resident Magistrate Court   where she prosecuted and was responsible for the management of the Court’s office. She subsequently joined the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions as Crown Counsel where she prosecuted in both the Resident Magistrates and the Supreme Courts.

Mrs. Brown later served as Legal Counsel at the Revenue Board which involved the prosecution of cases involving taxation in the Resident Magistrate and Supreme Courts as well as the provision of legal advice to the government on issues involving revenue law. She also represented the Board on various committees.

She entered private practice in 1993 where she practiced both criminal and civil law. Mrs. Brown subsequently rejoined the government service in the Tax Administration Services Department where she was involved in research and the provision of legal advice on issues involving revenue law, the examination of international laws with particular reference to their effect on local legislation and the examination of proposed contracts pertaining to taxation. She represented the Department at various board meetings in particular at the Jamaica Customs Department and sat on various organizations relating to this field.

Now a director in the General Legal Advice Division at the Attorney General’s Chambers, she provides legal advice to the government on various legal issues and represents the Chambers on a statutory board and other committees.

She is a Christian with two children and is particularly involved in the assistance of underprivileged persons.